Child abuse at St Joseph's: 'We were not responsible'

For over a decade a group of children at St Joseph's industrial school in Kilkenny were abused. The Sisters of Charity and the then Minister for Education covered up that abuse and the order of nuns now refuses to take responsibility for what happened. By Mary Raftery

Political cowardice bars sane response to criminality

Ten years ago, in the aftermath of the emotional trauma that erupted on the murder of Veronica Guerin, the Oireachtas passed a raft of legislation to combat what was seen as the menace of organised crime. It was asserted hysterically that the crime bosses threatened our democratic institutions, that her murder represented an assault on freedom of the press, that crime was out of control.

Religious still denying scale

Extraordinary evidence of abuse and cover up.
Religious orders say institutions were happy and well run. Colin Murphy reports

Another child sex abuse fiasco

It is incomprehensible that the Government did not know of the "C" case years ago and that a constitutional crisis was likely. This will do lasting damage to the Government parties. By Vincent Browne