The evil in Ferns

It takes the Ferns Report 53 full pages to recount the stories of abuse told to them by the victims of the Church in the Diocese of Ferns. Children as young as eight were taken from their classrooms while preparing for their Communion and abused, patients in hospitals were molested, schoolboys were raped in public toilets, a teenage girl was told she would have her child taken from her if she ever told that the father was a priest who raped her, married men were blackmailed into providing sexual favours, and it goes on and on and on.

Abuse Cases: 'A Litany of Abuse and Gross Indecency'


Fr Donal Collins

In 1966, Fr Donal Collins, a teacher in St Peter's secondary school, was transferred to a parish in London after complaints that he was abusing boys in the school's attic dormitory at night.

Two years later, Collins returned to teaching at St Peter's. In 1974 he was placed in charge of swimming lessons. In 1988, he was appointed principal of St Peter's by Bishop Brendan Comiskey.

Falsely fingering Sophie's killer

How Marie Farrell claims she was induced into falsely identifying Ian Bailey as the person she saw near the scene of the murder around the time of the murder.
By Vincent Browne

Sophie du Plantier murder - key dates

  • 19 October 2005
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› 21 December1997: Marie Farrell saw a suspicious looking person in Schull around 3pm. Sophie du Plantier called on Marie Farrell's clothes shop that afternoon in Schull. The women did not know each other.

Meeting Ian Bailey

The home of Ian Bailey and Jules Thomas is hidden from the road by tall, elegant natural reed gates outside Schull. There is a luxuriant garden surrounding the yellow, two story, traditional farm house and to the side a glass house with vegetable and shrubs.


Mickey Flanagan - The boy with the broken arm

Mickey Flanagan's was one of the worst cases of abuse cited at the Child Abuse Commission's recent public hearing on Artane Industrial School. He was beaten so badly his arm was broken. Village tells his story for the first time


The birthday killing

  • 18 August 2005
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While at a boat party in San Francisco,William Monaghan pushed a man overboard and killed him. Charged with murder one, he spent almost two years in a US jail before being found guilty of involuntary manslaughter.
Now back home in Meath, he tells his story to Ciaran Cassidy

Tracing the steps of Brian Rossiter's last day

Around midday on Tuesday 10 September 2002 Anthony O' Sullivan went to the home of Brian Rossiter's sister, Sharon, in Queens St, Clonmel. Brian came out and they walked down Queens St. They turned into Upper Gladstone St, met an older friend whom they asked to buy a few liters of cider. On receiving the cider they continued down Gladstone St towards the Main Guard. They turned into the pedestrianised Mitchell St and then right into Abbey St, heading towards the river.

Can I get a witness?

  • 14 April 2005
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The rise in evangelical, Pentecostal and gospel style churches in Ireland in recent years is relatively unknown to the general population. Village takes a soulful journey. Words and photographs by Tom Galvin

The Colin Whelan murder trial

  • 14 April 2005
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Colin Whelan coldly planned his wife's murder, boasting of his anticipated insurance windfall to a woman he met on the internet, and then faked his death and absconded to Spain. Siobhan Gaffney reports from the court where he was sentenced last week