More crises coming down the tracks for RTÉ

RTÉ is in the throes of a nervous breakdown - and it is hardly surprising. The Fr Kevin Reynolds debacle, the threat of further libel suits arising from the Mission to Prey fiasco, the station's financial crisis and the prospect of more scandals on the way would unsettle even a Catholic bishop.

Tonight with VinB

On Tonight with Vincent Browne: Fine Gael TD for  Dublin Central Paschal Donohoe, spokesperson for campaign group For A Better Europe Siobhan O’Donoghue, economist and lecturer at Trinity College Dublin Constantine Gurdgiev and Timmy Dooley, Fianna Fail TD for Clare and director of elections for the forthcoming fiscal treaty referendum. 

Game on: this referendum could still go either way

On Tonight with Vincent Browne, Minister for Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation Richard Bruton, Sinn Féin TD Pearse Doherty, Danish MEP Morten Messerschmidt and Patricia Callan of the Small Firms Association discuss the Irish Independent's poll on the fiscal treaty and the latest on the euro zone crisis. Below, Vincent blogs ahead of the show.

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Bible not the rule book on same-sex marriage

The Book of Genesis offers magnificent literature but should not be used to perpetuate painful discrimination. By Vincent Browne.

Diarmuid Martin, Catholic Archbishop of Dublin, was asked last week for his views on same-sex marriage. The question arose in the aftermath of the support Barack Obama voiced for same-sex marriage.

Diarmuid Martin said the (Catholic) church’s teaching on the sanctity of marriage between man and woman was clear, unchangeable and dated from the biblical account in the Book of Genesis of Adam and Eve.

Tonight with #vinb: Sean Gallagher, the aftermath

On Tonight with Vincent Browne, Carol Hunt, Fionnan Sheahan, Johnny Fallon and Tom Reddy will analyse Sean Gallagher's first interview since the presidential election and tweet controversy, which was conducted today. Gallagher accused RTÉ of arrogance and hostility in its response to the erroneous broadcast. {jathumbnailoff}

Yes and No sides both have a case to make

The main argument for a No vote in the Fiscal Treaty referendum is to call a halt to Europe's march to a neoliberal drumbeat. By Vincent Browne.

Transport minister Leo Varadkar had a point when he said a few weeks ago that referendum campaigns are usually fought over issues that are irrelevant to the point of the referendums.

Tonight with #vinb: The eurozone crises

On Tonight with Vincent Browne, Tom Lyons, Sinéad Pentony, Peter Brown and Tony Foley will discuss Spain's proximity to bailout, the likelihood of Greece exiting the eurozone, the possible "rift" developing between France and Germany and - on another note - the latest twists in Sean Quinn's battle with the IBRC. {jathumbnailoff}

BAI report incoherent, inconclusive, and incomplete

The BAI report into RTÉ’s libelling of Fr Kevin Reynolds is incoherent, inconclusive, and incomplete. There should be another inquiry into the inquiry – one that also looks at Pat Rabbitte’s botching of his role in the affair. By Vincent Browne.

The Broadcasting Authority of Ireland simply did not have the legal authority to conduct a comprehensive investigation into RTÉ’s culpability over the Kevin Reynolds affair.