Brady's humanity was blunted by the Catholic Church

The ethos, regularities, hierarchies and deferences of the Catholic Church created a mindset in Seán Brady which quietened in him the normal human impulses to care for children in danger. By Vincent Browne.

Several years ago, I had a brief meeting with Seán Brady in a hotel lobby, a meeting spontaneously instigated by him. My fleeting impression was he was a decent, modest man, and nothing that has been revealed since then disturbs that impression.

Is the pursuit of a neoliberal agenda itself corrupt?

Below, Vincent Browne blogs ahead of tonight's show.

Tonight we discuss corruption, arising from Elaine’s Byrne’s book, Political Corruption in Ireland 1922- 2010. It details a litany of corrupt practices on the part of politicians and others. {jathumbnailoff}

But: Is it corrupt for politicians to so structure society as to benefit an elite to the detriment of a majority or even a large minority of the people?

The same denial, the same blinded psychopathology

On Tonight with Vincent Browne,  Irish Times religious affairs correspondent Patsy McGarry, Marie Collins, who was abused by a paedophile priest as a child, and Fr Joe McDonald will discuss the new allegations about a 1975 church inquiry into paedophile priest Fr Brendan Smyth brought to light by a BBC documentary, and Cardinal Sean Brady's insistence that he will not resign his position. 

There will also be a feature interview with Cardinal S

RTÉ 'timorous and unprofessional' on IMF story

RTÉ's handling of the Sunday Times story that Ireland could apply to the IMF for a loan in the event of a No vote in the Fiscal Treaty was both timorous and unprofessional. By Vincent Browne.

On Sunday last the Sunday Times carried a story by journalist Mark Paul stating: “the IMF . . . has told the Sunday Times there is ‘no reason’ why Ireland could not ask it for another loan when the current bailout programme ends in 2013.

The O'Reilly memos and Denis O'Brien

Was Denis O'Brien's support for the boardroom move against Gavin O'Reilly fuelled, at least in part, by a 2010 row over the Irish Independent's coverage of the Moriarty Tribunal? By Vincent Browne.

Last Thursday evening, at the launch of a new book, Michael McDowell advised the large and well-heeled audience to visit the website and search its archives. The search is worthwhile.