Tonight with #vinb: ESRI quarterly commentary & Greek election

{jathumbnailoff} On Tonight with Vincent Browne, Joe Durcan, Marie Sherlock, Dimitrious Tsouros and Thomae Kakouli will be discussing the ESRI quarterly commentary and the outcome of the Greek election and its implications for Europe and for Ireland. Vincent shares his thoughts on today's ESRI news:

The Catholic ethos and the scandal of symphysiotomy

Is there any group in Irish society more in need of moral guidance than those who purport to be the moral guardians, the Catholic bishops? By Vincent Browne.

Theresa Devoy's account of how she was subjected to symphysiotomy at the age of 18 in 1963, without her consent or knowledge, in barbarous circumstances and with awful consequences, was the most riveting interview I have conducted as a journalist.

Plans to censure Wallace are brazenly hypocritical

The hypocrisy of our political class over plans to censure Mick Wallace is quite breathtaking. By Vincent Browne.

Over the years, many of us have become inured to the serial hypocrisy of our political class but every now and again the brazenness of that hypocrisy becomes so breathtaking that our tolerance for it breaks. Now is such a moment and it concerns the plans to censure Mick Wallace.

Tonight with #vinb: Surviving symphysiotomy

On Tonight with Vincent Browne, symphysiotomy survivor Teresa Devoy, chairperson of Survivors of Symphysiotomy Marie O’Connor and solicitor Colm McGeehan will discuss the findings of the draft report on symphysiotomy to be published by the Department of Health this week on the misuse of the procedure in Ireland from 1940 to 1980. {jathumbnailoff}

Getting to the bottom of Mick Wallace's defence

The claim by Mick Wallace that he needed to make a false Vat declaration because of cashflow difficulties raises questions. By Vincent Browne.

There are questions about TD Mick Wallace's explanation for having made a false Vat declaration on behalf of his construction company.

He said he needed to do that on a short-term basis to ensure a positive cashflow for his company, which was in financial trouble, and he said that he intended to correct the falsification and pay the tax due at a later stage.