Fianna Fail's Policy on the North

A central aim of Fainna Fail policy is to secure by peaceful means, the unity and independence of lreland as a democratic Republic. We totally reject the use of force as a means of achieving this aim.

National Poll on Irish Unity

IN A NATIONAL opinion survey commmissioned by Magill and conducted by MRBI Ltd. (Market Research Bureau of Ireland Ltd.) on the attitudes to Irish unity, the recognition of a power-sharing arrangement in the North and the Catholic Church's position on a number of key related issues the following were the main findings:

Labour Party: Brendan Halligan a Liability

THE LABOUR Party is gearing itself for its bi-annual purge and as usual the target is what remains of the left wing. The Labour bosses, however, might just pause before completing their purge file and contemplate . the inclusion of one Brendan Halligan.

Garret FitzGeralds rejects

Garret FitzGerald has been reviled for excluding women from his shadow cabinet, but the fact is that it isn't his fault. He offered the Posts and Teleegraphs "shadow" to Joan Burke, who took 24 hours to think about it and then turned it down.

Walter Haydon - The Blundering Diplomat

AN irritant in Anglo Irish relations at present is the personality of the British ambassador, Walter Haydon. Jack Lynch cannot abide the man, all because of an incident at the Munich Olympics in 1972.

Profile of Mrs. Lemass

Photographs show her always smiling, her eyes alive under the magnificent hats which appeared in so many pictures. The image is of warmth and easy friendliness.

Mrs. Kathleen Lemass has contributed immeasurably to her husband's happiness and peace of mind and thereby to his success in public life. Unintellectual and placid by temperament, she balances his drive and dedication.

"He was always very serious-minded," she remembers. "But I was fond of dancing and the gay life." She laughs. "But they say opposites attract, don't they? "

Sean Lemass: A Profile

Sean Lemass was the dominant personality of the Sixties. In december 1969, Nusight undertook a comprehensive and in-depth profile on the man and his career.