Take the survey - concept for Politico magazine

On the relaunch of Magill in October 1997, former editor Fintan O'Toole wrote:

"By giving journalists more space and time than are generally available in the newspapers, Magill could look beyond the news. Sometimes it could set its own agenda by investigating stories that remain untold. Sometimes it can stand back and try to provide a context in which the endless flow of sensations acquires some shape and meaning."

New magazines on Politico

Last week we added three new titles to the magazine archive on Politico - Changing Ireland, LookLeft and Voice of the Traveller. This brings to six the number of titles on Politico - Nusight (1968 - 1970), Magill (1977 - 1998) and Village magazine (2004 - 2008) are also available.

Pro-Wikileaks hacktivists bring down Fine Gael website

The Fine Gael website was hacked this evening by the group of activists responsible for the pro-Wikileaks attacks on Visa and Mastercard in 2010. The bona fide Fine Gael website finegael2011.com loads momentarily before being replaced by an image (see below) containing a logo with the title 'ANONYMOUS'. Beneath the logo appears the text:

The tiresome conceit of Jody Corcoran

Jody Corcoran's political reportage reads like an autobiography in which he claims to be squarely placed in the political establishment.

(Left: A photo of Jody Corcoran with Brian Cowen that accompanied a Sunday Independent interview in December 2009 when Corcoran wrote that he  "bounced the Taoiseach into doing a one-to-one interview with [him]" while other journalists were consigned to a round-table chat.)

Gormley under pressure to deliver Climate Bill

Pressure mounted this week on Green Party leader and Minister of the Environment John Gormley to publish the Climate Bill promised in December 2009. Then, John Gormley said the bill would be delivered by the end of 2010. By Malachy Browne. Photo (left) and protest video (below) by Paula Geraghty.

On 11 December 2009, John Gormley unveiled the Framework for the Climate Change Bill 2010 which he described as "the cornerstone of our efforts in meeting ever more demanding national and international obligations post-Kyoto". (Details below)

Heroes and Villians at the GPO

References have been made in recent weeks to the loss of Ireland's economic self-determination and the insult to Irish revolutionaries who fought for independence, human dignity and equality. Some media commentators ridiculed such references.

The November freeze in photos

The blanket of snow that fell overnight seems to be a welcome distraction for many from the blanket coverage of our economic woes. Spirits are upbeat on Twitter and Facebook this morning with photos from across the country. [Gallery below]

RTE revels in 'gangland' parlance

The National Recovery Plan dominated RTE's Nine News on Wednesday evening with 22 minutes of coverage and analysis. The following news item reported the murder of two young cousins, Mark Noonan (23) and Glen Murphy (19), in Dublin the previous night.