Politico - a year in

Politico was founded a year ago this month with modest ambitions. Without seeming too worthy, Politico sought to highlight social and political issues that are very often marginalised by the mainstream media. It sought to challenge the prevailing 'cultural ideology' set out by the political class and propped up by the mainstream media.

Brian Lenihan in 2009 - bailout will not cost €35 billion

In this interview on TV3 from 2 July 2009, Brian Lenihan says that "it is not being suggested by anybody that the taxpayer has to make up a loss of €35bn [in relation to the banking bailout]". He says: "It would be serious if we did." Lenihan also says that "Nama in itself could end up as a profit for the taxpayer in time". Of Anglo Irish Bank he said it was "difficult to see us getting a return for our investment". 

'Groundswell' needed to reform Freedom of Information

Ireland lags many countries in the openness and accountability of public institutions. Experts in Freedom of Information (FOI) identified the shortcomings of Ireland FOI Act, and measures that could improve access to public information. By Malachy Browne

Yesterday's hike in the yield on Irish 10-year bonds (to 6.9%, 4.7% higher than Germany), prompted Brian Cowen to address international bond brokers. He sought to reassure them with the following statement:

Sunday Tribune redesigned to target new readers

The Sunday Tribune will be published in full-colour tabloid henceforth. The compact design launched today aspires to attract new readers, particularly women and younger readers. The paper lost €5m in 2008 and is expected to have lost at least that sum in 2009, mainly because of flagging advertising revenue and declining sales.

TDs take note

[VIDEO] Republican Councilman Phil Davison became an internet sensation after this blazing appeal to become Stark County Treasurer. He lost, crathur, but created internet gold in the attempt. More of this in the Oireachteas.

'Anger' at withdrawal of bus service from Monkstown Farm and Stradbrook

A protest against the withdrawal of bus services in South Dublin was held outside Dublin Bus head office in O'Connell Street this morning. Around twenty protestors carried placards and chanted slogans against the planned changes to the 46A route. Bus services across the city are being streamlined as part of a series of "efficiency reviews" by Dublin Bus. [Video below]


Real IRA threatens to resume bombing campaign in mainland UK

The Real IRA has declared UK banks and bankers as legitimate targets in its campaign of terrorism to achieve a united Ireland. In written answers to questions by the Guardian newspaper, the Real IRA branded bankers as "criminals [who]... serve in financing Britain's colonial and capital system".

McLean inquiry dismisses collusion in Wright murder

A narrow definition of collusion leads McLean to reject alleged involvement of prison officers in Wright murder. By Malachy Browne

The McLean inquiry into the murder of loyalist paramilitary Billy Wright has found "no evidence of collusion by state agencies or of any deliberate wrongdoing". Lord McLean said in a statement today that any failings of prison officers leading up to the murder "were the result of negligence rather than of deliberate acts". The Inquiry also found "nothing sinister" in the destruction of files on Maze prisoners.

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