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Deirdre de Burca resigns from Green Party and Seanad

Deirdra de Burca resigned from the Green Party this morning. In a letter to party leader John Gormley, Senator de Burca said that she could no longer support the party because it had "abandoned [its] political values... and become no more than an extension of the Fianna Fail party". De Burca said that the party leadership was unwilling to captitalise on Fianna Fail's reliance on Green Party support in the Dail.

RTE to spend over €200,000 on Storyland competition

Today, the five finalists in RTE’s ‘Storyland 2’ competition showcase the first episode in their series of     film shorts. The webisodes are screened exclusively on the RTE Storyland website. Each of the finalists has a dedicated page on the site, including blogs, details of the cast, crew and characters, image galleries and links to social media.

Dublin in the rare aul times

From the early 1960’s, American amateur photographer Charles W. Cushman captured on film his 30 years of world travel, including a visit to Dublin in 1961. When he died, he left his collection to the Indiana University, who digitised his photographs. The photos are presented in the photo gallery below.

Barack Obama rails against Supreme Court 'strike on democracy'

The US Supreme Court has drawn the ire of US President Barack Obama and a host of opinion writers this week by overturning restrictions on corporate political advertising in the weeks immediately preceding an election. The ruling was carried by five to four in "Citizen United v. Federal Elections Commission".

Yesterday, Barack Obama devoted the entirety of his weekly videocast to the ruling. He described the decision as “a huge victory to the special interests and their lobbyists” and that he “can't think of anything more devastating to the public interest”.