Add Article demo

These are instructions on how to add an article to Politico. View it in full screen mode if you can.

Important points on loading an article:

  • Always use Firefox or Internet Explorer when uploading an article
  • Limit the leading image width to 200px
  • Any other images within the article should be no more than 300px in width
  • Always insert a 'Readmore' line - otherwise the full text of the article will be displayed on the section page e.g. Politico -> Media page
  • Ensure there is enough text before the Readmore line to wrap around the lead image
  • Please always tag the article
  • Articles are automatically tweeted if saved in 'Published' mode. Save in 'Unpublished' mode first if article must be reviewed by edito


Here's the video

{flv width="450"}Add article to Politico{/flv}