Apres sport

Aprés Match took a while to get off the ground. But this year, for the first time, the sketch show is part of the official World Cup coverage and a recent skit of Prime Time shows the three comedians can parody more than just sport. By John Byrne.


Boom or gloom?

As Bertie Ahern claims the 'prophets of doom' have got it wrong about the future of the Irish economy, John Byrne asks four leading Irish economists if, and how, Ireland's economic success will continue.


Mícheál O'Riordan 1917 – 2006

The death of Mícheál O'Riordan, former general secretary of the Communist Party of Ireland, International Brigader and staunch advocate of the rights of the working class, marks the end of an era.


The chief State attention-seeker

Bill Tormey's recent outburst against the State pathologist typifies his ability to get noticed and into trouble. He disagrees with Fine Gael on most issues and has no hope of winning a seat for them. By John Byrne.