Easy brewing

Author Tony Corcoran traces the history of the Guinness Brewery and its progressive treatments of its workers, including his grandparents, father and himself, writes John Byrne

the Village Idiot

Former New Labour Press Secretary Alastair Campbell skillfully distracts attention from the disaster on the rugby pitch by making himself a constant source of controversy off it.

The lady Lord Mayors

Catherine Byrne worked her way up through local activism, while Deirdre Clune is the latest member of a Cork political dynasty. John Byrne profiles the new Lord Mayors of Dublin and Cork

Miriam and the wooing of Charlie

She spent years wooing Charles Haughey to get his support for her television series about him, but can she make the transition from current affairs to chat show? John Byrne profiles Miriam O'Callaghan.


Pranks for the memories

Whenever a media organisation is duped by a hoax story, there is barely-concealed Schadenfreude on the part of its rivals. Yet it happens quite often. John Byrne reports on some of the more stellar pranks that have come down the wire

the tip of the iceberg

A single incident, however momentous, does not guarantee that concerned individuals will view the event as an example of a larger problem, and organise to solve it".*

Health service executive loses second CEO in six months

To lose one CEO might be considered unfortunate. To lose two is careless. To lose three... Mary Harney faces further embarassment as the second person to head the six-month-old Health Service Executive (HSE) has stepped down before taking up office. The deal broke down on the night of Wednesday 2 June, between Brendan Drumm and the HSE.