Reality bites

"Reality is what refuses to go away when I stop believing in it," said the famous science fiction author Philip K Dick. Former Fianna Fáil Junior Minister Ivor Callely was having difficulty grasping this during his last stand on Pat Kenny's radio show on Thursday, 8 December.

Nora Wall

Nora Wall's family and community stuck by her when newspapers branded her 'sick', 'evil' and 'wicked'. Most remarkably, the former nun said she never blamed those who made allegations against her. Profile by John Byrne.


RTE Snooze

You can picture the meeting over at Morning Ireland HQ. "Right guys – we've been the most popular radio programme in the country for ages and nobody can get near us. It's not fair on our competitors to dominate with such flagrant ease, so we should give them a chance. Let's do something to lower our ratings."

Blood on the air

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RADIO: Dead air days

AA friend remembers hearing Gerry Ryan interview Adi Roche during her failed presidential campaign in 1997, during which Roche was asked to recount her first kiss for the listeners of his radio show. Not a polished media performer, she launched into an unconvincing, clichéd tale about her first date which petered out embarrassingly towards the end.

Agenda bender

He has made himself into a very marketable franchise in media, consulting and laterally, show business. John Byrne profiles David McWilliams on the launch of his début book.

Childcare on their minds

When it comes to childcare, Ireland is a half-century behind other developed countries, and the issue is set to be a major one at the next General Election. The political parties are now vying with each other to rectify the State's huge neglect in this area

Pirate sounds

On a Sunday afternoon during the early 1990s rave heyday, a DJ was driving out to play a set for a well-known Dublin pirate radio station. He tuned in on the way, and was surprised to hear a CD being played on a loop. This was unusual, as the chap before him always turned up. Arriving at the suburban house of the station owner – the studio was located in a rickety shed at the back of the house – he couldn't get an answer at the door. Eventually, it opened. The station owner stood there, his face as pale as a bucket of milk.

The scale of child sexual abuse

Before 2002, sexual abuse figures available in Ireland were based on only the numbers seeking counselling or reporting sexual abuse to gardaí. But SAVI (Sexual Abuse and Violence in Ireland ) revealed the true extent of abuse