Child Rape Crisis

A shocking report was published three-and-a-half years ago revealing the scale of child sexual abuse. In the meantime the Government has failed to implement the key recommendations of that report and are still stalling. By Emma Browne, Sara Burke and Vincent Browne

Last man standing

Once a feared leader of the Official IRA, Seán Garland now faces extradition to the United States on foot of international counterfeiting charges. More isolated than at any other time in his life, it may represent his toughest test yet. Profile by John Byrne

Crossing the classes

In 1993, Irvine Welsh became a literary and youth culture celebrity with Trainspotting, a book about nihilistic drug-addicts living in the worst part of Thatcher-era Scotland. Now he's a rich man living in Ranelagh. He talks to John Byrne. Photograph by William Hederman

Mickey Flanagan - The boy with the broken arm

Mickey Flanagan's was one of the worst cases of abuse cited at the Child Abuse Commission's recent public hearing on Artane Industrial School. He was beaten so badly his arm was broken. Village tells his story for the first time


If you could see her now

Cecilia Ahern has picked up further recognition for PS, I Love You with awards this month in Britain and Germany. She tells John Byrne what it's like to be the Taoiseach's daughter and a 23 year old millionaire, and how she's particularly popular with male readers in Germany.

Radio Hell

After a summer when RTÉ Radio 1 retreated from current affairs in favour of light entertainment, Ryan Tubridy finds himself at the centre of accusations that the station is 'dumbing down'. John Byrne interviews Ryan Tubridy. Analysis
by Harry Browne

Out like Flynn

PROFILE: Former Sinn Féin vice president, trade union leader and businessman Phil Flynn was charged last week with possession of a pen-gun. Despite being at a low point in his career, having recently resigned from a number of public positions this year, close associates still believe he will bounce back. By John Byrne