Orange order march in Dublin: 'We might be in for some trouble'

Margaret Tracey came out of the café where she works on South Leinster St on the afternoon Saturday 25 February and looked up Nassau St. Her curiosity was aroused by the news that there was to be an Orange march happening outside Leinster House, and she wanted to hear what a Lambeg drum sounded like.

Mourning Marty

Having Marty Whelan presenting the breakfast show on 2fm signalled "the death knell for youth radio on a national basis in this country... For the flagship programme on a station aimed at 15- to 34-year-olds to be fronted by the former presenter of Open House defies belief. Marty is an excellent presenter and I have no doubt he will pull in a large audience, but they won't be in the station's target market." So said one of the station's rivals.

His own man

Bertie Ahern's 'snubbing' of Sean Haughey, the son of Charles Haughey, in his recent mini-reshuffle left pundits and politicians very surprised. Now this mild-mannered, well-liked TD is considering his future in politics. Profile by John Byrne.


Seniors stay away

 It's always dangerous when old people are allowed to talk about popular culture, and never was this more app...

The return of Jurassic Clarke

Boorish, ruthless and talented, Martin Clarke, the fearsome former editor-in-chief of Ireland On Sunday, has arrived from England to oversee the launch of the Irish Daily Mail