Texts & Emails Wednesday 18 Nov, 2009

Topic: AIB Chief Executive appointment, NAMA and the Ireland v. France match.
Panelists: Former banker Peter Matthews, Current Bank director Linda O?Shea-Farren and UCD Smurfit Business School lecturer Elaine Hutson.
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Texts & Emails Tuesday 17 Nov, 2009

Topic: Budget Alternatives: who knows what’s best for the country
Panelists:  Senator Dan Boyle, Fr Sean Healy (Social Justice Ireland) and Fionnan Sheahan
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Texts & Emails Thursday 12 Nov, 2009

Topic: Education and the role of the Catholic Church
Panelists: Senator Ronan Mullen, Patsy McGarry and Councillor Ruth Coppinger and Dearbhail McDonald.
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Texts and Emails, Tuesday 10 Nov 2009

Topic: Should welfare recipients be targeted or should the wealthy pay to fix the financial crisis?
Panelists: Jim Power, Kathleen Lynch, Leo Varadkar, Marie-Louise O'Donnell
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Transforming Ireland - the challenges

A new book,Transforming Ireland: Challenges, Critiques, Resources by Michael Cronin, Peadar Kirby and Debbie Ging, critiques the impact of the free market during Ireland’s Celtic Tiger boom on a wide range of areas of public life such as the media and the pharmaceutical industry. It also examines the influence of the boom on health, education, state surveillance, immigrants, the welfare state, consumerism and the Irish language.

Texts & Emails, Thursday 5th Nov, 2009

Topic: Rememberance day and wearing the poppy
Guests: Historian Eunan O'Halpin, Frank Callanan, author Pat Walsh and Sean Murphy of the British Legion.
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Texts & Emails, Wednesday 4th Nov, 2009

I am very annoyed to listen to Fr Purcell acting so flippant on your show tonight.  How dare he treat such
a serious subject so coolly and with such jest. That is the subject of the Portmarnock Golf Club not allowing women
member to their golf club.

He has just showed up what the church in Ireland are really about. No wonder they are in such trouble. His arrogance was diluted by his so called jest.... Sorry Father some of us saw well beyond that,

Texts & Emails Tuesday 3rd November, 2009

it should be exposed that public servants earning in excess of 70k generally have travelling allowances (tax free) of on average 8k per annum which are not included in any figures which are published, this figure can in a lot of instances rise to 28k

Is your information regading effective tax rates not out of date as it refers to 2003 before property reliefs etc were abolished?  http://www.finance.gov.ie/viewdoc.asp?DocID=5019    Liam Booth


John O'Donoghue's full statement to the Dail

It is an accepted convention of our political system that the Ceann Comhairle should remain above political controversy. Implied in that duty is an overriding obligation of fairness among all Members. It was, therefore, inappropriate for me as Ceann Comhairle to respond publicly to various matters concerning costs incurred while I was Minister for Arts, Sport and Tourism. For many people my silence probably indicated an absence of justification and a lack of defence.