Brian Lenihan's Budget Speech

When I presented the Supplementary Budget to this House last April, I said we could work our way through this period of severe economic distress. Today, I can report that notwithstanding the difficulties of the last eight months, we are now on the road to econonuc recovery.

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Texts & Emails Monday 7 Dec, 2009

Topic: Garda strike and the underreported and underdiscussed crime of rape.
Panellists: Fiona Neary of the Rape Crisis Network, Conor Hanley, author of a book on rape and a lecturer in Law in NUIG, Detective Inspector Nigel Oliver from the Crystal Unit of Hampshire police, and Fergus Hogan a social care lecturer at Waterford Institute of Technology

Letters, Texts and Emails, November 25 2009

Topic: Disbandment of Community Development Projects

Panelists: Margaret O'Shea (Kerry Network of People with Disabilities), Bronagh O'Neill (Canals Equality Campaign), Rita Fagan (St. Michael's Family Resource Centre), Cathleen O'Neill (Kilbarrack CDP)

Below is a letter received by Politico followed by texts and emails received by Vincent during the programme.

Texts & Emails, Tuesday 24 November

Topic: Public sector strike action and pay

Panellists: This show took place at various strike locations in Dublin; those interviewed included teachers, nurses, guards and trade union officials

Below is a letter sent to Politico followed by texts and emails received by Vincent during the programme.

Hi Vincent,

I am a private sector worker and have no affiliation with any political party but i would like to ask

Texts & Emails, Thursday 19 November

Topic: The Thierry Herry handball incident in Ireland versus France World Cup Qualifier.
Panelists: Eoin Hand, Bernard O'Byrne and Paul Leonard
Here is a selection of the texts and emails sent to the programme:

What a joke talking about cheats ~ think back ~ Michelle Smith cheating. Cian O'Connor cheating. Get a life
Pat Gleeson Kildare

just to clear it up for your viewers, Gallis and Henry were not offside as a result.check the rule book.


The eastern DR Congo: dynamics of conflict

An eruption of war and displacement in east-central Africa is rooted in the complex recent politics of an unsettled region, explains Gérard Prunier.

Since August 2008 the situation in the east of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has grown progressively worse in ways that seem hard to understand. An overview of the events and processes that led to the resurgence of conflict, however, can explain what is happening and what kind of intervention can contribute to resolving it.