Pakistan's crisis has just begun

Two weeks of floods have killed 1,000 people and displaced 20 million more in Pakistan. Food and water are scarce; houses and infrastructure destroyed. In parts, flood waters continue to rise. Even where the water has abated, health crises loom. The UN says outbreaks of cholera and other water-borne diseases endemic to Pakistan could happen, as the Al Jazeera video below outlines. Over 1.5 million cases of diarrhoea are predicted. 

Stealthy barn owl remains one of Ireland's rarest hunters

The Barn Owl--Scréachóg reilige in Irish and Tyto alba in its Latin nomenclature--is one of Ireland's rarest hunters, with a sense of hearing far surpassing that of humankind. By Niall Hatch.

A creature of legend and folklore, the Barn Owl is one of Ireland’s most enigmatic birds. It occurs in most parts of the island, though at very low densities, and nowhere is it common. It is also an extremely difficult species to see on account of its nocturnal behaviour and therefore goes unnoticed by most people.

Afghanistan: A phantom endgame

The nature and future of Afghanistan’s war is now bound to international political calculation, not least the United States’s electoral timetable. By Paul Rogers.

Britain's election: backing into the future

A contest made thrilling by the spectacle of three middle-aged white men in suits is open to the end. By David Hayes.

When visiting journalists first encountered the bewildering complexities of Northern Ireland’s politics at the height of the “troubles,” a kindly piece of advice was on hand from local informants: “If you’re not confused here, you don’t really know what’s going on.” 

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