Texts and Emails, Monday 9 August 2010

Topic: The Cult of Celebrity

Panellists: Louis Walsh, Glenda Gilson, Terry Prone, Michael O'Doherty and Medb Ruane.


There are no celebrities in Ireland, only grossly overpaid wafflers with big egos who crave adulation and fame as long as its ''business hours only''. Let them get a grip!

A. Pleb

Texts and Emails, Thursday 15 July 2010

Topic: the events of the year so far

Guests: Martin Mansergh TD (Minister of State), Pat Rabbitte TD (Labour), Justine McCarthy (The Sunday Times), Medb Ruane (The Irish Independent) and Eoghan Corry.


How can the Government justify the building of new courthouses, when prisons are over packed? If anything would it not make sense to build new prisons?

Texts and Emails, Tuesday July 13 2010

Topic: Case studies on the experiences of people in social care
Guests: Emily Logan (Ombudsman for Children); Michael O’Regan (Irish Times), preview of tomorrow's papers


Vincent: I'm sick and tired of listening to people blaming the HSE or anyone else. Where were the aunts and uncles of your case study at the time her mother died? Why didn't they take care of her.


Texts and Emails, Wednesday 7 July 2010

Topic: NAMA

Guests: Brian Lucey (TCD), Elaine Hutdon (UCD), Emmet Oliver (Irish Independent) and Tom Lyons (Sunday Times)

What about all those on social welfare and single mothers left this week without their money. Something about a form for residency, which it appears they never received to fill in. Perhaps government attempting to delay payment same day our ministers etc. going on 3 months holidays. Anyone spare a thought for young children tonight without food or light. Shameful.



Texts and Emails, Thursday 8 July 2010

Topic: the end of the Dail term and the widening scope of the banking enquiry.

Guests: Leo Varadkar (FG), Niamh Lyons (Irish Daily Mail), Sarah McInerney (Sunday Times) and Fionnan Sheahan (Irish Independent).


''We're all goin’ on our summer holidays. No more lyin' for 3 months you see. We'll be ''workin'' on our summer holidays, to claim expenses and get trips for free. It sure is great been a TD-ee ee, dont u envy me -ee ee.”