Texts and emails, Thursday 14 May

Topic: Mapping the Golden Circle

Panellists: Paula Clancy (TASC), Paul Sweeney (ICTU), Sandeep Gopalan (NUIM), Paul Sommerville (Delta Index), and Alan stanford (Actor and director)

The panel discuss the directors of the top 40 State and private companies in Ireland

Texts and Emails, Monday 10 May 2010

Topic: the British election, the Eurozone rescue package and the ash.

Guests: Geoge Hook, Noirin Hegarty, Emmet Oliver, Nicola Mountford and Patrick Geoghegan.


Oh to be Norwegian


Beware of Greeks bearing...douze points to Cyprus. And if I were Greek, I would look on this Euro gift-horse and see it for the Trojan horse it is.



Texts and emails, Thursday 6 May

Topic: The British general election

Panellists: Richard Aldous (UCD), Michael Marsh (TCD) and Eoin O'Malley (DCU)

sent to Rte news. cnn tv say drop in u.s. finance markets due to p/g error. Also report greek police say there were 17,000 protesters (9pm) headlines have rte now got embeded news people or under the bed. We pay your licience dont treat us like gombeens (rte showed small section of protesters) 

Md, Wicklow


Texts and Emails Wednesday 5 May

Topic: banks, developers and greed.

Guests: Guests are Mick Wallace (Developer), Frank McDonald (The Irish Times) Emer O'Siochru (Architect), Ger Gilroy (Newstalk) and Lisa-Marie Berry (Freelance Journalist).

We are borrowing €40000 per minute! Irish people brain dead. 1 am off to Athens! 

Martha B.

Texts and Emails, Thursday 29 April 2010

Topic: Is the Greek crisis contagious?

Panellists: Elaine Hutson, Brendan Keenan, Ronan Reid, Prof. Richard Aldous and Suzy Byrne


There's 60 mil people in the Uk the damage in finance is minor compared to Ireland. How can the B,0.I plan to offer mortage's through the post offices in the Uk nx year?

Fran, D 22