Texts and emails, Wednesday 14 April 2010

Topic: NAMA and the financial regulator, the public sector pay deal

Panellists: Peter Mathews (banking consultant), Emmet Oliver (Irish Independent), Eamon Quinn (Sunday Tribune), Kieran O’Donnell TD (FG). For a discussion of the public service pay deal, Blair Horan (CPSU) and Louise O’Reilly (SIPTU) joined Vincent.

Texts and emails, 4 March 2010

Topic: Corrib gas pipeline

Panellists: Fintan O'Toole (Irish Times), Fergus Finlay (Barnardos), John Monaghan (community activist)

Fintan might not be so sympathetic to the Gardai if he saw them in action breaking the teeth of decent men and women, and humiliating them with taunts jeers and assaults

Texts and emails, Wednesday 17 February 2010

Topic: Women's status in Ireland

Panellists: Ailbhe Smyth, Pat O'Connor, Marie Mulholland, Susan McKay

Good to know that we can all swear under oath in high court and lie and get away with it now. After all our minister set a precedence. 

Tony, Donegal


Texts and emails, Tuesday 16 February 2010

Topic: Clerical abuse and the meeting of Irish bishops with the Pope in Rome

Panellists: Aine Kerr and Matt Cooper

as a minister and in the upholding of truth and justice willy o dea has to resign


CONCLAVE.. methinks the 'L' is superfluous when referring to the hierarchy..More like CONCAVE...curving inwards...and not seeing the greater picture.