Low rise investments

One sector of the Irish economy is booming. Recession notwithhstanding, there was a 76% increase in sales of new apartments in Ireland from 1980 to 1981. The bouyancy of the market meant that whereas £17 million worth of apartments had been sold in '80, exactly twice that figure's worth were sold in '81. Likeewise 1981 saw an increase in new apartment starts - in '80, 342 were started, in '81 787 was the figure.

Sportsfile - Dick Hooper, marathons and Holland v Ireland


THE DEFECTION and then reinclusion of Irish marathon champion Dick Hooper from the Irish team for the European Championships in Athens, this month, is but the latest episode in an ongoing saga of distrust and lack of communication between the athhlete and BLE. Briefly here are some of the bones of contention between the two parties:

Network - radio Nova, problems at limerick jail, poverty and the london bombings

Nova Rich

AS RADIO NOVA moves into its second year of broadcasting, general manager, Chris Carey, predicts that the first year of tradding will show a revenue of approxximately £1 million. Carey, a forrmer Radio Caroline and Radio Luxembourg DJ, arrived in ireeland in the summer of 1980 and set up Sunshine Radio. Ten months later he sold Sunshine and used his profits to set up Nova - his initial capital investtment in Nova was £125,000 in June of last year. Radio in Ireeland has not been the same since the advent of Nova. Carey points out:

Closing one paper and opening another

BY THE time this edition of Magill is likely to get into most readers hands, the announcement of the launch of yet another Irish newspaper will probably be made. Hugh McLaughlin, the man who made and broke Creation, the man who co-made the Sunday World and who made and almost broke The Sunday Tribune is the man who will make the Daily News, a-new morning paper.

Sportsfile August 1982

TELEVISION'S coverage of the World Cup was, in the main, unimaginative. This was particularly so in the analysis of the games during panel discussion afterwards. For the most part the panel discussions were un enlightening and often downright boring. By far the worst was the ITV panel with Jimmy Greaves and Brian Clough being truly appalling.

Network - August 1982

Unemployment, the Equal Rights Amendment, Herpes, Gay News, PRSI and more. EDITED BY KERRY DOUGHERTY

Special Debate: A steady resistance to moral indignation

Politicians, journalists, a feminist and an economist discuss the significance of Election 1982.

The interview took place on Wednesday, March 3. Brian Lenihan of Fianna Fail was to have participated but had to withdraw at the last moment.

Election 82: We predict a coalition victory

Predicting the result of Election '82 is very much more hazardous than usual. Normally one canrdetect the drift of public opinion from the trend of the opinion polls over a year or so prior to the election and the preevailing level of price increases over this time span is also a useful guide - Govvernments lose when inflation has run high for a year to 18 months previously.