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A chip off the old chip:

IT PROBABLY escaped the attention of all but the most rabid of Irish racing fans that a certain Wally Swinburn won his first race in England the other day. The Swinburn in question is not, of course, the same Wally who appears to have a mortgage on Ireland's flat-racing jockey's championnship. Instead, it's Wally junior, a l7-year-old stripling who weighs a mere six stone. That may seem fairly light but Wally senior only tips the scales at eight stone seven pounds.

Marx at Warwick

A UNIQUE conference was held at Warwick University early in July. It was jointly sponsored by Ink Links, a new Marxist publishing firm in Britain, and by the Lipman Trust, a socialist education fund : associated with the annual Socialist Register Review.

The exclusitivity and pretentiousness of Irish festivals

WHEN IAN BROAD moved the 1972 Dublin Arts Festival into the Liberties area he achieved two major developpments in the Irish arts scene: "arts" and "community" found common ground, and 'festival' took on a meaning which it had probably not deserved since the early days of the Dublin Theatre Festiival.

Jack Lynch the idol

Jack Lynch commands the almost unanimous respect of the Irish people, with 86% believing he is doing well as Taoiseach. This is the most startling result of Magill's opinion poll on Fianna Fail's first year in office.

Quiz: your life expectancy

HOW TO STAY alive can be a depressing business. You can jog to your heart's content, eat plenty of fibre to keep you motile, avoid polyunsaturated fats etc. All good things to do but they may be of no use.

More and more young people are having sexual relations and at an increasingly young age

TEN YEARS AGO, even in Dublin's rather ratsy version of Bohemia, it wasn't really acceptable to 'sleep around' (that strange euphemism) parrticularly if you were a woman, That's all changed. Virginity, our most previous gift so the nuns told us, is now disspensed with as soon as posssible. As Cass, a nineteen year old, explained: "Like I was quite old really, I was sixteen and I knew all about draw and dope and acid and stuff, but I'd never had sex. All my friends had done it and I felt really naive".

Wrong direction in Aer Lingus

Here we examine the two major industrial disputes now afflicting the country. In the Aer Lingus dispute we analyse critically strikers "strategy, and in the P & T dispute we examine the underlying issues.