Magills Financial Diary - Jan. 1978

UDT - From the way Willie Sandys (as in Braids) writes his chairman's report for U D T (Ireland), you would never think that this was a subsidiary of the second biggest U K finance house that was only saved from disaster by the 'lifeboat' the Bank of England launched in 1974.

Two-thirds now favour divorce

FOR THE first time a poll has shown that a majority of the Irish people are in favour of the legalisation of divorce in certain circumstances. And the size." of the majority is amazingly high(two' thirds) especially as compared with previous polls which at no stage showed a clear majority in favour yet alone such a decisive one.

Records 1977: Critics Choice

Below is a list of some of the year's best recordings in classical, traditional and popular music. Prices vary mysteriously from shop to shop, but the index numbers should help you find or order ariy of them. You might also check the catalogues for recommended prices! Incidentally, Ian Fox informs us that if)77 marks the centenary of the gramophone .. Edison having filed his phonograph patent on December 4, 1877

Political and Pressure Groups

What follows is a guide to the complexities of leftwing political groupings in Ireland, and to pressure groups with no particular political affiliation which campaign on a broad spectrum of issues from civil liberties through women's rights to tax r.eform. N~ such directory can possibly hope to be comprehensive given the shifting nature of the political alliances. We've done our best and will welcome brief statements of aims, details of meetings etc from all comers to the political spectrum.