Business 27 June 1985

An increasing number of goods and services are now marketed internationally and a major challenge for all countries, including Ireland, is that of developing industries that will succeed in an international context. This was emphasised by Bill Phillips, chairman of Ogilvy & Mather, the second largest advertising agency in the US and the third largest worldwide, at a press conference in Dublin earlier in June.

A Peak at the Past

Steve MacDonogh, author and publisher of Brandon Books, was recuperating from pneumonia in March 1981 when he set out to climb Mount Brandon in search of the Iron Age fort which he suspected was up there somewhere. So it wasn't just the exciteement of the archaeology buff which took his breath away when he broke into a stumbling run on sighting a wall MacDonogh has just written A Visittor's Guide To The Dingle Peninsula (Brandon, £3.50), an aid to the enjoyment of one of the most beautiful and stimulating areas of the country.

Say Goodnight Dick

After yet another trouncing, yet more pieces have fallen off the shaking shattered Labour Party. The party now faces even more crushing defeats.

Reviews 13 June 1985

Cinema, Television, Music, Theatre, Books reviewed.

What is a "thriller"? The quesstion is, I think, useful because these days a hell of a lot of movies are being marketed as thrillers that patently are not. Thus anyone wanting to see a real thriller has to take pottluck and in the process could well miss out on the precious few that do crop up.

Business Forum - December 1984

AVENUE 84 is a classical concert featuring five young Irish musicians to be held in the Examination Hall in Trinity College, Dublin on Thursday, December 13 1984, at 7.30pm. This unique concert is being organised by the participants of the AnCO/Irish Museums Trust training course in Arts Administration.

Cinema - Secret Women, Pigs Back and Beauty and the Beast

It's the women who bury the dead. And, as they do at the beginning of Pat Murphy's new film 'Anne Devlin', it's often the women who' must recover the dead from the holes into which their conquerors or torturors have flung them. 'Anne Devlin' Is the other side of the story. by David McKenna