The Burren

SUPERFICIALLY - a bleak, barren landscape and all the more so if it's raining. But take one step nearer and there is a world of fascination whether you go with the flora, the fauna, the geology, the Megalithic remains, and the people themselves and their music.

Wrong direction in Aer Lingus

Here we examine the two major industrial disputes now afflicting the country. In the Aer Lingus dispute we analyse critically strikers "strategy, and in the P & T dispute we examine the underlying issues.

Whats happening in P+T

THE TECHNICIANS dispute in the Post Office has done the country and the Government one great service: by highlighting the gross deficiencies in the way the country's telecommunications service is managed, it has created the public climate in which the Government's election commitment to reform the Post Office can be speedily executed.

Wilkinson at Eurovision

ISRAEL'S WIN OF THE 23rd Eurovision Song Contest at the Palais des Congres on Saturday 22nd April 1978 was the greatest upset for the form books virtually since the launching of the contest in 1956.

In Dublin City in 1913

1913 was the year of the heroic uprising by the Dublin prolateriat. A new book, "Divided City" prepared by the Curriculum Development Unit of the VEC, chronicles the struggle, and here, with the permission of the publishers, O'Brien Press, we publish a precis of the text and some of the book's most, outstanding photographs.

The Bold Martin O Donoghue

In the last issue of Magill, UCD economist, Paddy Geary, critically annalysed the Government's economic strategy. Here Martin 0 'Donoghue, the Minister for Economic Planning and Development, replies in the course of an interview with Magill.

The legalities of illegal broadcasting

THE LEGAL POSITION ON unlicenced broadcasting, according to authorative legal sources, appears to be as follows: while it is a summary offence, it seems likely that the confiscation of apparatus would be held to be unconstitutional and there is no question of advertisers being in breach of the law. In addition, it seems that new legislation will have to be introduced simply to provide the mechanism for the issuing of licences to commercial entitles.

Wales... werent that good

BY WINNING ALL four matches in the international rugby championship in 1978, Wales created all sorts of records - three Triple Crowns in succcession; a record number of grand slams, personal scoring records for their captain Phil rlennett and for serummhalf Gareth Edwards ,and for Edwards also the unique achievement of becoming the first Welshman to win 50 caps.