Oppression of Tamils exposed in 'Sri Lanka's Killing fields' documentary

One of the most interesting parts of the work I do in the European Parliament is not the committee and plenary meetings, but the opportunity to host meetings in the Parliament that can bring together campaigners from around the world. In the last week, I had the opportunity to co-host a film in the Parliament together with a number of other MEPs from different political groups.

Niger: A slave's perspective

Despite its 'official' abolition in 2003, slavery still exists in Niger. Girls are sold as 'Fifth Wives', a form of physical and sexual slavery. They are denied basic rights and essentially owned by their master; some are fitted with heavy bronze ankle bracelets to prevent escape. Other Nigeriens with slave ancestry suffer discrimination throughout their lives. Tom Rowe meets them.

Palestine's bid for statehood

Palestine's bid for statehood at the UN is likely to fall at the first hurdle of the Security Council, and never reach the General Assembly, but the effort has drawn attention to the reality of Palestine – Israeli military occupation, neverending settlement building, the sham of negotiations, etc – in a way that nothing else has done in recent years. By David Morrison.