Grassroots politics flourish in Greek crisis

In Greece, as the old system of government crumbles under the burden of sovereign debt, a new, grassroots system of politics is starting to make itself heard, write Hara Kouki and Antonis Vradis.

Few people would want to be in the shoes of Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou these days. Faced with an ostensible mutiny in the ruling social-democrat PASOK party, his worries have been exacerbated by the appearance of an unprecedented, continuous wave of protests in the streets of Athens by thousands of people - who had never demonstrated until a few weeks ago.

Questions over Government stance on Bahrain

The presence of the Irish Ambassador to Saudi Arabia at a graduation ceremony at the university on Monday, albeit in a private capacity, meanwhile, raises questions about the attitude of the Department of Foreign Affairs to the Kingdom, writes Ronan Delaney.

Small change from Barack Obama

Obama's rhetoric of change may have been seductive during his 2008 campaign, but American foreign and national security policy has remained much the same as it was during the Bush years. By Frank Groome.

Bob Dylan: a conversation

The celebrations of the 70th birthday of the great American musician Bob Dylan include many personal journeys through the archives of memory. Here, David Hayes recalls a thrilling series of concerts Dylan performed in 1981...and a late-night encounter.

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¡Democracia Real Ya!

Thousands have taken to the streets this week in Spain to protest against corruption, unemployment, and a political structure that favors a two-party system.

“We're not merchandise in the hands of bankers and politicians,” was the motto of tens of thousands who demonstrated all over the country on 15 May, 2011.

"Nelegaly": work and shelter in migrant Moscow

Ten days ago, an “underground town” of migrant workers was discovered below a military factory in Moscow. The discovery played into popular anxieties in Russia about migrants and was heavily spun by the national media. By Madeleine Reeves.