Fiscal waterboarding vs eurobonds

Eurobonds issued and backed by the ECB would alleviate the financing problems of all fiscally-stricken member states, and require no debt guarantees nor fiscal transfers from Germany, Holland or Finland. By Yanis Varoufakis.

They came. They talked eurobonds. They left in a miff. Why?

The politics of suicide: Greece and Europe poised between two elections

New Democracy needs strategies that cut to the bone: it has to foster fright at a surging far left, it has to force home the message that SYRIZA's positions are contradictory. The rhetoric of suicide fits this bill consummately. But it is also double edged. This is suicide season and where will it lead? By Iannis Carras.

The environmental case for drug legalisation

The number of people in Colombia killed by US tobacco is way beyond the number of>Americans killed by Colombian cocaine. Do they have a right to come to the United States and carry out chemical warfare on North Carolina and Kentucky because they have a tobacco problem and it's coming from there? By Stuart Rodger.

France, Greece, and the need for a new alliance

A period of Greek ungovernability may be helpful to France's new president, and to Europe. By Yanis Varoufakis.

Greece and France go back a long, long way. The Greek revolution, that procured our small, and constantly problematic, nation-state, was a spinoff (to all intents and purposes) of the French revolution and the culmination of a Greek Enlightenment that owed everything to the French Enlightenment (and almost nothing to either its German or Scottish variants).

Ungoverned democracy: Greece after the elections

The results of the elections have brought an end to the post-Junta era in Greek history dominated by New Democracy and PASOK. But if this is a vote for something new, it is by no means clear what this "new" will be. By Iannis Carras.

There were no flags flying in Athens tonight.

As I take the metro home and walk through the half-empty streets of Athens shock is written all over people’s faces; shock or despair. The full moon stares down, accusingly.

On Trayvon Martin and the cost of suspicion

Following the murder of Trayvon Martin, African American parents and families must now confront the very real possibility that a vigilante can murder their children in cold blood without legal penalty as a result of racist micro-aggression gone haywire. By Justin Hansford.

Kony2012 take two: The illusion of progress

Invisible Children are back with a second Kony video - but the campaign’s short-term goals and expectations are still badly mismatched with the long-term and sustained efforts that are needed to effect progress on the ground. By Alexandra Buskie.