Bertiegate Timeline

A timeline of Bertiegate from September 2006 when details of the enquiry into Bertie's finances were first reported in the press.

The House Purchase

Celia Larkin, whose bank account details have been sought by the Mahon tribunal, was among the first people to view the house after it was put on sale through auctioneers Sherry Fitzgerald in late 1994. Informed property sources have confirmed that Sherry FitzGerald handled the sale in 1995.
By Frank Connolly

Bertiegate: It gets even worse

Analysis of Bertie Ahern's contributions to Dáil exchanges on Tuesday 3 October about donations made to him while he was Minister for Finance. By Vincent Browne.

Exclusive: Bertie and Manchester businessmen

Bertie Ahern made several trips to Manchester in the early 1990s that were paid for by millionaire businessmen lobbying the government for the development of a casino at the former Phoenix Park racecourse. Ahern was Minister for Finance at the time. By Frank Connolly

Bertie and the Planning Tribunal inquiries

Bertie Ahern has done this country some service. He was crucial to the national wage agreements that have underpinned the country's economic success since 1987. He has been crucial to the dramatic progress there has been in the Northern Ireland peace process since he became Taoiseach in 1997. He did the country and himself proud as president of the European Council when Ireland had the EU presidency.

The Quarryvale payments

The Mahon tribunal has been investigating since 1998 claims by Tom Gilmartin that a developer made two payments to Bertie Ahern. By Frank Connolly