Bertie's Tribunal in crisis

The Planning Tribunal is threatening further political embarrassment for Bertie Ahern. The tribunal is in crisis because of the disclosure that it misled the High Court earlier this year on, potentially, an explosive issue, and because it has emerged that for years the tribunal was acting illegally, abusing the constitutional rights of persons appearing before it.

éirígí becomes a political party

As part of its process of development, éirígí has taken the decision to organise itself as a political party. The motion to this effect was put to today's  Árd Fheis and ratified by the membership.

Why no bank account from 1986 to 1993?

In the Dáil on 27 September 2006, Bertie said: “I was involved in [marriage] separation proceedings at the beginning of 1987 and they did not conclude until the end of 1993 in the High Court. Over that period my wife and I had joint [bank] accounts in our names. For obvious reasons, I did not use our joint account. I used cheques separately to deal with issues, and I did not open an account in my own name until afterwards.”

House of the rising sum

Last autumn Bertie Ahern purported to reveal all about his personal finances. But new information about extraordinary transactions raises further questions about his money and has caused a crisis for the Fianna Fáil election campaign. But the real corruption in Irish politics is the scale of continuing poverty, the huge waste of public funds and the neglect of important social issues.


McDowell defends new legislative fiasco

Michael McDowell, Tanaiste and Minister for Justice, Equality and Law Reform defended the latest legislative fiasco on the protection of children from sex abusers in the Second Stage debate on the Criminal Law (Sexual Offences) (Amendment) Bill 2007 in the Dail on Tuesday, 6 March, 2007