The truth about the Stardust fire

Exclusive – an unpublished report into the Stardust disaster claims the cause of the fire was not arson, as was concluded by the original inquiry in 1982. By Frank Connolly



The state that does not exist

The Catholic church exploits its elusive status as a state to invoke diplomatic immunity to shield its sex abusers, but refuses to cooperate with international war courts. Eamon McCann reports

Bertiegate Timeline

A timeline of Bertiegate from September 2006 when details of the enquiry into Bertie's finances were first reported in the press.

Dublin riots: flames of rage

The riots in Dublin were an expression of the anger of the most marginalised of Dublin's urban poor – the first time in living memory that these, the poorest in Irish society, have expressed themselves politically. By Chekov Feeney

Cliftonville: Red Devils

Cliftonville FC has clawed its way back from near extinction to head the Smirnoff Premier League. Can the Reds tackle sectarian strife to take the Championship? By Ronan O Neill