Dáil exchanges on 6 March on the killing of Derek O'Toole

Joe Higgins (Socialist Party):  Many people will have seen the very dignified appearance by Mrs. Christine O'Toole on RTE last night. Mrs. O'Toole is the mother of the young man, 24 year old Derek O'Toole, who was tragically killed on Sunday morning in Lucan in a road accident.

Dail exchanges on misuse of government jets

The following exchanges occurred in Dáil Éireann on Tuesday, 6 March 2007
Enda. Kenny asked the Taoiseach the procedures in place in his Department in respect of the use of the Government jets; and if he will make a statement on the matter 

Desmond and the tribunal

The tenor of Dermot Desmond's defiant statement on 20 December, in response to the Moriarty tribunal report, was that he had been vindicated by the tribunal. This is less than the full import of the Tribunal's conclusions concerning Dermot Desmond. The following are some of the conclusions of the Tribunal.


Although the broad outline of the evidence against Charles Haughey was known from the media reports of the Moriarty tribunal proceedings, the impact of the report has been stunning. The scale of the secret funding is much larger than we had known: 171 times his average earnings as Taoiseach. The secretive, manipulative manner in which these funds were concealed from the public and tax authorities is breath-taking.

Tribunal mountain

The prodigal cost of the state's tribunal industry is frequently cited by critics as an argument for its abolition. However, an assessment of 16 inquiries finds that it is the lukewarm commitment of politicians that undermines them most. By Justine McCarthy