Rabbitte in the glare of Tribunal headlights

Pat Rabbitte gave evidence at the Planning Tribunal on Friday 24 February. Questions arise about his evidence, including the following: * Why did he receive a £2,000 donation (which he subsequently returned) if he believed receipt of such a donation was improper? * Why did he fail to volunteer information about the donation to a Garda inquiry into planning corruption and fail to volunteer information about this to the Planning Tribunal? * Why did he deny ever receiving "any such payments" when asked by the Planning Tribunal about donations in connection with another development at Quarryvale?

Mahon goes on and on and on...

This is a confession a Village columnist and national current affairs radio programme presenter and editor should probably not make, but I've lost interest in the Mahon Tribunal and I barely read or listen to any of the coverage these days.

Beating the System

McBrearty wins vindication O'Reilly wins delay of inquiry into questionable payment to Ray Burke. By Vincent Browne

Finding a woman to blame

Twenty years ago this week, the Kerry Babies Tribunal ended. In sharp contrast to the Morris Report, it was the Hayes family rather than gardaí who were lambasted. By Diarmaid Ferriter

Garda in disarray

The 'gradual erosion of discipline' within the Garda 'will, sooner or later, lead to disaster' – Morris Tribunal Report

Gardaí who misled Tribunal still serving

Sgt Murray was neither "truthful" nor "conscientious". Garda Leonard gave evidence "in an effort to mislead the Tribunal". Garda Anderson failed to tell "unbridled truth". All three are still serving with the force. By Vincent Browne

Corruption - An Garda Síochána

Confusion over the responsibility for recent raids has cast doubts over the competence of the Garda Síochána. But the Morris Tribunal Report, published nine months ago and ignored by the Dáil, contained startling observations on Garda ineffectualness. By Vincent Browne


Tribunal trouble

Tens of millions of euro and nearly eight years later, the legality of the conduct of both the Moriarty and the Planning Tribunals have been challenged by a Supreme Court judgment. The Court has found unconstitutional the denial of documents to a witness, described as 'amazing' a procedure adopted by it and raised doubts about the lawfulness of Tribunals' private 'information gathering'. By Vincent Browne