Tonight with Vincent Browne

Texts and Emails, Tuesday 17 August 2010

Topic: Tabloids - are they over the top or do they give us what we want?

Panelists: Paddy Clancy (ex-Editor, the Sun), Niamh Horan (Sunday Independent) and Niall Kiely (Journalist and PR Advisor)

How dare these people worry about Murphy's privacy? Surely rape is the ultimate invasion of privacy?

Texts and Emails, Monday 16 August 2010

Topic: what is the difference between the three main political parties in Ireland? 

Panellists: Thomas Byrne TD (FF), Brian Hayes TD (FG), Senator Alex White (Lab), Aine Kerr (Irish Independent) and Chris Donoghue (Newstalk)

The most famous sham marriage in ireland was the greens and fianna fail. 


Emails and Texts, Thursday 12 August

Topic: Crime in Ireland.

Panellists: Steve Collins (father of murdered Limerick Businessman Roy Collins), John Hennessy (Solicitor of Baiba Saulite, who was killed by a hitman), Michael O'Toole (Crime Correspondent, The Star) and Alan Brady (Criminologist and Law Lecturer, TCD).

excellent discussion. very well conducted. Keep it up.

Jack, Waterford


Texts and Emails, Tuesday 10 August 2010

Topic: Change in Irish society.

Panellists: Bishop Willie Walsh, Ger Loughnane, John McGuinness, Mike Cronin and Fiona Looney.

Irish society used to be propped up by The Church, the GAA and Fianna Fail - which one is still standing?

Thats typical of bishop walsh full of forgiveness for a paedophile

Texts and Emails, Monday 9 August 2010

Topic: The Cult of Celebrity

Panellists: Louis Walsh, Glenda Gilson, Terry Prone, Michael O'Doherty and Medb Ruane.


There are no celebrities in Ireland, only grossly overpaid wafflers with big egos who crave adulation and fame as long as its ''business hours only''. Let them get a grip!

A. Pleb

Texts and Emails, Thursday 15 July 2010

Topic: the events of the year so far

Guests: Martin Mansergh TD (Minister of State), Pat Rabbitte TD (Labour), Justine McCarthy (The Sunday Times), Medb Ruane (The Irish Independent) and Eoghan Corry.


How can the Government justify the building of new courthouses, when prisons are over packed? If anything would it not make sense to build new prisons?