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Texts and Emails, 30 August 2010

Topic: As the government looks at a possible u-turn on Anglo Irish Bank - what are the prospects for NAMA and will AIB need to be nationalised?

Panellists: Cliff Taylor, Constantin Gurdgiev, Oliver Gilvarry and Paul Sommerville join Guest host Ivan Yates


Do we detect ''green shoot'(ist)s''? Is sheriff Gormley about to shoot that darn money grabbin outlaw.. ''Anglo Banco'' down! As John Wayne might say; ''The hell he is''. 


Texts and Emails, Wednesday 25 August 2010

Topic: Should we force women into politics? Also the downgrading of Ireland's credit rating.

Mairead Enright, Liz McManus, Mary White, Frank Flannery and Tom McInerney.

We should get out there and make it known that the gremlins that run this country should be ran to ground. We should not sit back and take this crap. the people of ireland should speak up.
Liz, Co. Louth.

Texts and Emails, Thursday 26 August 2010

Topic: Pakistan, why are we not driven to give them aid – and how much of your aid actually reaches the disaster zone?

Panelists:  Mary Fitzgerald (Irish Tomes), Hans Zomer (Dochas), Paul O’Brien (Concern) Niamh Gaynor ( DCU Economist) Ger Gilroy (Newstalk) and Derek Davis

Texts and Emails, Tuesday 24 August 2010

Topic: Irish politics has been stuck in the middle for decades - do we really have an appetite for the far left - or the far right?

Panelists: Minister Conor Lenihan, ex-Libertas spin doctor John McGuirk, Socialist councillor Clare Daly and political scientist Gary Murphy join Sarah Carey.

Easy to see that the high earners on the panel are so far out of touch with an ordinary health service worker who has suffered a 14.5 percent loss from a very low salary. More bs.

Texts and Emails, Monday 23 August 2010

Topic: Childrens' Rights Referendum.

Panelists: Mary O'Rourke (FF), Charlie Flanagan (FG), David Quinn (Columnist, Irish Independent) and Geoffrey Shannon (Special Rapporteur for Children).

aha good to see Carey back! Too many boring old men lately.

Texts and Emails, Thursday 19 August 2010

Topic: How do small parties survive when their message goes mainstream? 

Panelists: Sen. Mark Deary (Greens), Aengus O’Snodaigh TD (Sinn Fein), Lucinda Creighton TD (FG), Niamh Lyons (Political Correspondent, Daily Mail) and Martina Devlin (Irish Independent).

Vincent. The Bull is only trying to get out, the animal knows its to be killed, it smells the blood. There is no need to show this savage slaughter! Thank you! 


Texts and Emails, Wednesday 18 August 2010

Topic: The economy and how to fix it

Panelists: Colm McCarthy (Economist/"An Bord Snip"), Margaret Ward (Irish Times columnist/Personal Finance Expert), Brendan Keenan (Economics Editor, Independent) and Tom Lyons (Sunday Times )