Tonight with Vincent Browne

Texts and emails, Thursday 15 April 2010

  • 15 April 2010
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Topic: Abortion and the British election debate.

Panellists: Prof William Binchy (TCD, and the Pro Life Campaign), Catherine Forde BL, of the Irish Family Planning Association, Fionnan Sheahan of the Irish Independent and Anton Savage (Communications Clinic).



My life has been destroyed since i aborted my baby, feelings of worthlessness and suicidal thoughts are my life now. I don’t know what to do.

Tonight Liveblog, 15 April 2010

  • 15 April 2010
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Tonight's topic is abortion (after the Pro-Life Campaign held a press conference today, opposing an upcoming European court of Human Rights case by the Irish Family Planning Clinic, against the current Abortion Laws).

Texts and emails, Wednesday 14 April 2010

Topic: NAMA and the financial regulator, the public sector pay deal

Panellists: Peter Mathews (banking consultant), Emmet Oliver (Irish Independent), Eamon Quinn (Sunday Tribune), Kieran O’Donnell TD (FG). For a discussion of the public service pay deal, Blair Horan (CPSU) and Louise O’Reilly (SIPTU) joined Vincent.

Texts and Emails, Tuesday 13 April 2010

  • 13 April 2010
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Topic: ESRI's prediction of growth in 2011

Panellists: Joe Durkan (UCD Economist), Michael Taft (Economist, UNITE), Joan Burton (Labour), Tom O’Connor (Economist, Cork Institute of Technology)

The rich and wealthy are given a two headed coin: they either make millions or the tax payer picks up their bill. If you put money on a horse to win and it loses the bookies don’t give you your money back. Will we be let know who is looking for NAMA money and how much?

Md, Wicklow

Texts and Emails, Monday 12 April 2010

Topic: The cost of Quinn Direct, looming rejection of public sector reform and the threat from the Real IRA

Panellists: David McWilliams, Justine McCarthy, Clare Davy, Eoin Renane, Catherine Halloran

Vincent et al, have you lost the run of yourselves? What the hell are ye doin' back tonight? Our Parliament is closed 'til the 20th! Get a grip and get with the status quo... Scabs!


Texts and Emails, Thursday 1 April 2010

Topic: The panel discuss Ed Moloney's new book on the North, "Voices from the Grave"

Panellists: Ed Moloney, Brendan O'Brien, Suzanne Breen, Simon Carswell and Marie-Louise O'Donnell

Why have the assets and passports of all the suspect bankers and speculaters not been taken and frozen?