Tonight Live Blog 14 Dec 2010

Tonight Liveblog

Tonight Liveblog, 8 December 2010

Radio: Norris trumps Dunphy

Nell McCafferty thinks Ian Paisley is sexy. Nell's da let her go to discos as a teenager in the hope that it might "straighten her out" while her mother was busy ripping up rags for petrol bombs. Nell's feminist crusade went well beyond bringing condoms in from the North on the famous "condom train". She liberated women pint-drinkers in Dublin by ordering 40 brandies in Neary's pub and refusing to pay until they gave her a pint.

Moynes gets rattled

Adrian Moynes, the head of RTÉ radio, was nicely filleted recently on Morning Ireland by Cathal MacCiolla. The hapless Moynes revealed by inference that the decision to remove Rattlebag from the Radio One afternoon schedule was taken by someone else – ie Ana Leddy, the head of Radio One. And as her immediate boss he had only a vague idea why she had wanted to do that or why he agreed to it.