Texts and Emails, Tuesday 24 August 2010

Topic: Irish politics has been stuck in the middle for decades - do we really have an appetite for the far left - or the far right?

Panelists: Minister Conor Lenihan, ex-Libertas spin doctor John McGuirk, Socialist councillor Clare Daly and political scientist Gary Murphy join Sarah Carey.

Easy to see that the high earners on the panel are so far out of touch with an ordinary health service worker who has suffered a 14.5 percent loss from a very low salary. More bs.



How could ye do a left/right - socialist/capitalist divide debate without inviting Ireland's ultimate 'leftie'.. Joe ''the binman'' (and Kerrys ''only socialist in the village'') AND i cant think of his surname.. Doh!



Partnership was the greatest corruption of our democratic system and the public sector unions were the biggest supporters of this system.

Gay, Dublin


Irish people are fools if they accept the new commercial motor tax. John Gormley you're robbing us again the working people of Ireland. Shame on the greens.


We're afraid to be right wing in this country. No truly right wing party would have bailed out Anglo.

Peadar Grant


The State should own all property and charge a rent for its' use, preventing the type of gambling and profiteering we have witnessed in the last decade with the most vulnerable section of society left to pick up the bill. Conor, how's the kebab business working out?

Tim, Limerick


In the next election we can't afford to put the wrong spanners in the tool box again.

Paul, Kildare


I am going left and left and further left. The right has destroyed the world. It is time to destroy them.



How do i go about getting the people of this country to wake up and REVOLT. The banks are starving us of credit and are closing businesses. 50 or 60 people have bankrupted this fine country. I have a mortgage ten times my salary and interest rate rises are going to cripple me. The top leaders of this country all inherited their seats and they know nothing about creating work and jobs. We are f..... For the next 20 years at least.

Mike, Galway


I've voted ff for the last 20 years and i'll never vote again for any party.