Election 2007 - Set the Agenda

Village invites the public to define the issues in Election 2007, to evaluate the parties and the candidates, to set the agenda for debate and to take part in and lead that debate. Details may be submitted via the comment box below.   


You are also invited to evaluate the party leaders and manifestoes and to contribute information on the candidates running for election in your constituency. 


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Candidates are invited to contribute details concerning themselves, their financial interests, their personal manifestoes, their public service record, along with a photograph and a statement on why they should be elected for the constituency for which they are standing.    


Click on the article title above to display a comment box (it will appear below). Please include your email address, the constituency you live in, and the comment you would like to make. No personal details will be passed on to third parties, though some comments may be printed in the Letters section of the monthly magazine


Alternatively you may email election at village.ie   (please replace at with @ )


Please focus submissions on a particular issue or candidate.