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Things to keep in mind when using social networking websites.

1. Posts are not private. Even if you restrict access to your profile, it's always possible for information to be shared with others.
2. Posts are not anonymous. Clues in your profile can help to identify you. You can even be found through your computer's IP address.
3. Posts are not temporary. You can delete or remove information from a profile, but it still exists on other computers and in the files of companies that archive websites.
4. Posts are subject to the rules of online communities.

Nintendo unveils "Wii Fit"

For all those gamers attempting to slim down, Nintendo unveiled a new fitness game for its wildly popular Wii console at a press conference during the E3 video game summit in July.

Digital snooping at Oxford

Oxford University has come under increasing criticism of late. It has emerged that the university is scanning the social networking site, Facebook, in order to enforce disciplinary rules of the university.