Extreme Transportation

Is our lack of a summer getting you down? Well this month we took a look at some gadgets that might just brighten up your day.
Magic Wheel
We all remember the scooter craze of a few years ago. Well its back, with a difference. The Magic Wheel is part skateboard, part wheel and looks suspiciously like a unicycle.

The Magic Wheel is aimed at the 'younger generation within the ages of 14-25'. The product details describe it as 'quick, light and convenient for outdoor sports and travel'. Sounds a lot more exciting than being stuck in traffic along the Quays. Just imagine all those envious faces as you whiz by.

However be warned, 'it offers a challenging aspect as it takes a bit of practice to ride the board'.

It comes with an instruction manual and a DVD to get you started. If you are the adventurous type the Magic Wheel can also be used as a stunt aid.

Available online from www.magicwheel.co.uk for £119 plus delivery.

Beverage Buggy
So after you have sped home on your magic wheel you sit down and realise that you really want a drink but are too tired from that hard day's work to get off that comfy sofa. Welcome the Beverage Buggy. This little remote controlled car will deliver two cans or bottles to your side. The only problem is it doesn't come with a buddy to get the drinks out of the fridge for you. Available from www.spilsbury.com for $37.46.

Memory Drives
The people at SanDisk have caught on to the idea of making their storage units look that bit more attractive. They have teamed up with the makers of high-end motorcycles Ducati to launch a range of Extreme flash memory drives and cards. The USB Flash drive went on sale in the US for $124.99. It looks exactly like the gas tank on a Ducati motorcycle. The new flashier drives also come with improved 20MBps read/write speeds, and have a 4GB capacity. The company has also launched some even faster flash cards. The latest 4GB SanDisk Extreme markets at $164.99 while the 8GB model markets at $314.99. Both of these Compact Flash cards have 45MBps read/write speeds. They have an added advantage for the discerning traveller as they will withstand extreme temperatures, from -13 to 185 farenheit.
More details on the new cards and drives are available directly from the Sandisk's website www.sandisk.com.

Breathe Air Cycling helmet
Apparently hay fever sufferers make for dangerous cyclists. Why, you may ask? Well if a sufferer happens to sneeze while cycling they can often send themselves careening into oncoming traffic. This problem may have been solved, that is if you don't mind looking like something out of a Sci-Fi movie.

Scientists have come up with a helmet that has a filter over the nose and mouth. The filter will prevent allergens from coming into contact with the cyclist, thus preventing the ever so dangerous sneezing and coughing mentioned above.
There is no manufacturer as of yet but when one is found it is expected to go on sale at $220 per helmet. That's about €160.