Nintendo unveils "Wii Fit"

For all those gamers attempting to slim down, Nintendo unveiled a new fitness game for its wildly popular Wii console at a press conference during the E3 video game summit in July.Wii Fit, due in 2008, builds on the success of the Wii Sports program, which lets players bowl, golf and box, among other things, with the help of a wireless remote. The major difference with Wii Fit, however, is the introduction of a new control system called the Balance Board. While it seems suspiciously like an aerobic step found in a 1980s exercise video, the balance board is slightly more advanced, technically speaking. When a player stands on the pressure-sensitive board, it measures the person's balance, weight and body mass index. Games range from conventional exercises, like yoga and push ups, to more creative workout endeavours like football heading and hula hooping.