Reality Charity

We have all gotten used to researching, communicating and shopping online. But what about fundraising online?
A new website has been set up to do just that. is a website were anyone can fundraise for anything. According to the site: 'RealityCharity is the gratifying, new way to give'. Coined 'the eBay of Giving' by the media, RealityCharity is the world's first direct fundraising platform and philanthropy community'.

However, be warned: there is no way for users to be 100 per cent certain that the cause they are donating to is legitimate. The site is quite open about this fact, "Note that the identity verification process does not verify whether the cause that the user is raising money for is 'worthy' or 'legitimate'. We recommend that all Fundraisers provide some documentary evidence on their donation page that is visible by the public to support their need or cause and bolster their claim, but we cannot verify the authenticity of the documentation provided.'
The site does provide an identity verification process using a 'state-of-the-art online identity verification process' in the United States. In other countries this is done manually.

The site does not charge individuals for its service but asks for corporate sponsorship.

One success story from the site was that of Kim Swanson from Wisconsin. After the birth of her daughter it was discovered that she had 'adenocarcinoma that presented first in the colon then metatisized to the liver and lungs'.
Swanson's target was $20,000. She raised $23,281.66 through RealityCharity.