Actual Grace

It was about fice to ten on Radio I and Mike Murphy had just about finished interviewing Brendan Grace. There was the sound of a door opening and Grace asked Murphy if this was the coffee. "No." said Murphy, "it's the Fish Market Report. "

The interview ended and the Fish Market Report began with an account of fish and where fish had been caught and in what quantities. Cod was plentiful.

Magill - Five Years On; A Re-Assessment

Five years ago we started Magill with four central editorial themes in mind:

- the redistribution of wealth.

- womens' rights.

- civil liberties.

- the Northern Ireland problem.

Now five years on, it is appropriate that we should review these themes.

Wigmore - the Workers' Party. government rents, and dail debates

IN TRUE Stalinist style, history continues to be rewritten within The Workers' Party. Only a few months ago, its President, Tomas MacGiolla was claiming that he had no knowledge of the existence of the Official IRA since 1972. But on Sunday August 22 last Joe Sherlock TD was to be heard on radio proclaiming: "in the 1950s there was a campaign of resistance in the North and that cammpaign continued until 1962 and it is fair to say our party supported that campaign of resistence in the North. Since 1962 we have condemned vioolence from whatever source it has come."

Diary of the Month - Sept 1982

Sun. 1: In a speech at a rally in Monaghan Sinn Fein vicedent Daithi 0 ConailI warned, in a reference to the London bombbings in which eleven people died on July 20, that "there are far more lessons on the way Jor Mrs. Thatcher". Gardai were examining the speech with a yin'! to prosecution.

Network - radio Nova, problems at limerick jail, poverty and the london bombings

Nova Rich

AS RADIO NOVA moves into its second year of broadcasting, general manager, Chris Carey, predicts that the first year of tradding will show a revenue of approxximately £1 million. Carey, a forrmer Radio Caroline and Radio Luxembourg DJ, arrived in ireeland in the summer of 1980 and set up Sunshine Radio. Ten months later he sold Sunshine and used his profits to set up Nova - his initial capital investtment in Nova was £125,000 in June of last year. Radio in Ireeland has not been the same since the advent of Nova. Carey points out:

Wigmore - Sunday Tribune, the Sunday World's Bill Stuart, Fianna Fail and the ESRI

THE FUTURE of The Sunday Tribune continues to be uncertain. At a staff meeting in July the editor, Conor Brady, said that negotiations were takking place with a British research group and with The Irish Times with a view to partnership or take-over. We have since learnt, however, that both these options have now been closed. The British research group involved was AGB Research, one of the largest consumer research organisations in the world - they have also an in terest in business magazines and considered for a while buying Vision from the Smurfit organisation.

Network - August 1982

Unemployment, the Equal Rights Amendment, Herpes, Gay News, PRSI and more. EDITED BY KERRY DOUGHERTY


A.P. Keaveney taught mathematics at Castleknock College for several years. He was a regular contributor to "Dublin Opinion".

Cashman's Diary - August 1982

Tuesday 6th
My permission is sought for Michael O'Leary to retire to Cork, when the Labour Party comes to its senses and disbands next autumn. The Parnassian cast of my reflection and occupation leaves me benignantly indifferent to such neighbours as do not possess dogs or wireless machines. But this loutish and ignoble jobber and coxcomb I shall not tolerate.

Wigmore - Kevin McGready's IRA confessions

ON JUNE 25 last Kevin McGready, 26, was sentenced to life imprisonment at Belfast, Crown Court after pleading guilty to 27 charges, including three counts of murder, and four of attempted murder. Passing sentence, "Lord Justice,," Gibson regretted that he couldn't be more lenient, but McGready had pleaded guilty ,and the, life sentence was mandatory.