Cashman's Diary - July 1982

Saturday 12th

I hear many expressions of concern over Ted Tynan's disability. Responsible citizens of every shade of opinion are unanimously condemnatory of the miscreant culprits, and solicitous of Ted's recovery.

Network - Human rights and the Arms Crisis

HUMAN RIGHTS : Thankful for Small Liberties

RICARDO CARRERE, a 39 yearrold Uruguayan man, held a Dublin audience spellbound-at the Ammnesty International AGM here last month while he recounted the graphic details of his seven year ordeal in an Uruguayan prison.

Windmills and other inventions - the hostile climate in Ireland

Of the numerous companies that have gone into liquidation in the present recession, the case of Alternaative Energy Ltd. of Woodford Co. Gallway is of greater significance than most. Of course the troubles associated with the failure of a company are the same for everyone - losing 20 to 40 jobs is no joke for a rural village such as Woodford with its 300+ inhabitants. But with the loss of Alternative Energy Ltd.

Wigmore: John Feeney, the media and Dail Eireann, the Malvinas crisis

MEDIA COVER of Dail Eireann is likely to be suspended if a row between the superintendent of the House and the Press Gallery isn't settled soon. Superintendent Eamon O'Donoghue doesn't believe in making life too easy for reporters and is refusing to sign the 1982 membership cards for the Gallery without a guarantee that only 50 journalists will in future be allowed in for big occasions like budget day. Gallery membership is three times that and if O'Donoghue - a brother-in-law of Mark Killilea - doesn't back down the press people are almost certain to "black" the Dail .

Cashman's Diary- May 1982

  • 30 April 1982
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Saturday 17th

Mr Gay Byrne invites me to preside over his Late Late Show which is to consist of "the cream of Cork's talent". He apprehends outtrages. I take his point. This menage of harlequins may be relied upon to give frequent and matchless performances of all that is loutish and seedy, withhout provocation or pay.

Cashman's Diary - March 1982

  • 28 February 1982
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Monday 1st.
I watch the swans dying outside the Cfdistillery of which Mr. John Lynch is a director. I suppose he assumed that they -serene, tragic, and balletic - had to be children of serene tragic balletic C. J. Haughey, awaiting the call of their spirits from this stormy world.

Cashman's Diary - Feb 22, 1982

  • 21 February 1982
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Monday 1st: 
I summon Mr. Haughey to Cork to account for his recent doings. I had instructed him that under no circumstances was he to provoke this suffragist tomfoolery until I should have left to take the waters. Now, I shall have to propose a change of arrangements to Mrs. Langtry, and she, I fear, will not be much pleased.