Some Summer

WHEN IT COMES to the weather, people's memories seem to let them down badly. Right now, while the geneeral public suffers under the illusion that this is the worst summer since the Flood, the Meteorological Office is calmly churning out statistics to prove us all wrong.

All in a summer garden

ABOUT THIS TIME every year we await, with a mixture of impatience and forlorn hope, that most elusive of creatures, the heatwave. Should we get it then the majority of us will relish the garden but quietly forget about gardening. Only the enthusiast will regard the plight of his plants and even then water shortages may make things difficult. Howwever, all this may be wishhful thinking so in the meanntime let's get down to some useful work.

Motoring: Facts on oil

IT'S ONE OF THE stranger facts about motoring in Irelland that many dealers don't stock the type of oil reecommended by their own manufacturers. This means that your car, which may run best on (say) Castrol GTX 20W-50, could receive instead a transfusion of Shell Super at its regular service. Now, Shell Super is an excellent oil but it may not be right for your car.

The Burren

SUPERFICIALLY - a bleak, barren landscape and all the more so if it's raining. But take one step nearer and there is a world of fascination whether you go with the flora, the fauna, the geology, the Megalithic remains, and the people themselves and their music.

Car test - the Austin Allegro

The bad news that has dogged British Leyland over the years has largely obscured the fact that the UK giant offers a range of excellent, sometimes outstanding, cars. Although the pall-like cloud of economic uncertainty hanging over the State-owned company has dated some of the models, because new ones haven't been produced, at least the existing range has been around long enough to have proved its reliability.

Magill People - Feb 1978

BBC's program 'An Irish link with Terrorist International', the Coalisland Conference and Bruce Arnold's Novel