Actual Grace

It was about fice to ten on Radio I and Mike Murphy had just about finished interviewing Brendan Grace. There was the sound of a door opening and Grace asked Murphy if this was the coffee. "No." said Murphy, "it's the Fish Market Report. "

The interview ended and the Fish Market Report began with an account of fish and where fish had been caught and in what quantities. Cod was plentiful.

Suddenly there was the sound of, a dog barking. "Hhhhrrruff!" Fish Market Report continued. The cod, it emerged, had been plentiful in Donegal. There was no sound from the dog for a moment.

Suddenly: "Meeoooow."

There was the sound of a cat. Fish Market Report proceeded unabashed. There were herrings in Howth.


There were also loads of mackerel in Howth. The mackerel were . . . eh . . . eh ....

"Hhhhrruufffrrruuffooo !"

To give the Fish Market Report its due, it took it in good form and made it to the end.

Brendan Grace is a wonder. They should let him have a go at the Living Word.