Wigmore 18 April 1985 - Trade Unions, Hugh Leonard, teaching unions

  • 17 April 1985
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WHO SAYS solidarity and comradeship are things of the past? The legendary Christy Dunne has been languishing in a Spanish cooler in Palma since way back when, strapped for £6,000 bail money and no doubt depressed by tales from the old sod that some members of the family haven't exactly been busting a gut to come up with the readies.

Wigmore, Christmas 1984: The pope, PJ Mara, Maureen Cairnduff and John Rogers

WHY didn't the Pope appoint a radical feminist as Archbishop of Dublin? Has he no regard for the views and sensitivities of the trendy element? Doesn't he understand that things have changed in this country and that the ultra-liberal faction - heavily represennted among Dublin journalists - now expects to have its interests and deeclared preferences taken seriously into account in such appointments?

Diary, Christmas 1984 - Norhtern Ireland Office, Fianna Fail in Dun Laoighre

  • 24 December 1984
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OFFICIALS AT THE NORTHERN IRELAND OFFICE WERE excluded from the preparatory talks for the Anglo-Irish Summit - until ahnost six weeks before the meeting at Chequers. "It seems they don't trust the natives," was the comment from North of the Border. The decision to keep them at bay left the NIO hopping mad, and ensured that several pro-unionist spannners were determinedly thrown into the works in the vital final weeks before the Irish and British Prime Ministers met. Storrmont Castle knows all about the unionist veto.