Government still ignores rights of mentally ill

  • 20 September 2006
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The government's failure to establish the Criminal Law (Mental Health) Review Board means that mentally ill people will be detained indefinitely if arrested. By Erik Salholm and Emma Browne

Children's hostel is 'inadequate'

One of the country's main centres for unaccompanied children seeking asylum does not provide proper care and protection for children, says a HSE report. By Emma Browne

Patients overcharged

The Ombudsman, Emily O'Reilly, has said the Health Services Executive (HSE) is overcharging for long-stay public nursing-home patients by taking their spouses income into account when calculating their fees. Emily O'Reilly said yesterday a woman complained the HSE has taken into account her income as well as that of her husband, who was admitted to a long-stay nursing home last year. This, she said, is in conflict with regulations introduced by the Department of Health last year although not with existing HSE guidelines.

Mental health

The 2005 report of the Mental Health Commission reveals shocking conditions and shocking neglect. By Vincent Browne

Millions of children left at risk

Over 340 million children under the age of six worldwide are left home alone while adult family members go to work. Almost one billion children under 15 live in the same situation.